Saturday, 31 March 2012

More creepy crawlies

Here's the gecko. He's very quick and he eats mosquitoes, so I'm happy he's around.

This moth flew into the apartment. It looked more like a bat because of its size.

This cricket was in the reception of the hotel in San Gil we stayed in one night. His body looks like a leaf which would normally be good camouflage, but not here!

A stick insect Horse head Grasshopper (Pseudoproscopia latirostris) at the viewpoint of the Chicamocha Canyon National Park. I wish I'd had a decent close-up of the strange head. It's easy to miss interesting creatures here as they can often, at first glance, appear like something else.

Finally a colourful butterfly on a door of a colonial-style house in historic Barichara.


  1. That is not a stick insect, it is a horse head grasshopper.

  2. PS wonderful blog - makes me wish that we had emigrated there.

  3. Thanks very much. I had never heard of horse head grasshoppers. There are lots of surprising insects here - great fun to discover but even better as you learn more about them.


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